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CCB's Dirty Gin Martini

CCB's favorite dirty martini recipe! Perfect for the summer, and to start your evening if you're entertaining.

CCB's Dirty Gin Martini

The martini has a tremendous amount of variation in its recipe. Adding the component of "dirty", i.e. olive juice, only complicates the matter.

The rationale behind this recipe is maximizing the volume of the cocktail (big boy size!), while balancing the drink without it tasting like wet socks.

I prefer a basic gin, such as a London dry gin (Beefeater) or Plymouth. Gins with excess botanicals seem to clash with the olive. However, gins with herbaceous notes (rosemary, thyme) should work well.

My favorite vermouth includes Dolin. Noilly Prat would also be a great choice, as it tends to have a murkiness to it that already exhumes "dirty".

My recipe calls for 2.5 oz gin +0.5 oz Dolin dry vermouth + 0.5 oz olive juice.

Shaken, and double strained. This needs dilution, and I don't like ice chips in my drink. Garnish with 2-3 olives.

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